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Information on all registered adult sex offenders age 17 and over is provided on this site. Information also is provided on this site for registered sex offenders age committing the offenses listed below: Criminal sexual conduct in the first degree paragraph Criminal sexual conduct in the second degree paragraph Criminal sexual conduct with minors, first degree paragraph 1 Criminal sexual conduct with minors, second degree paragraph 2 and 3 Engaging a child for sexual performance paragraph Producing, directing, or promoting sexual performance by a child paragraph Kidnapping paragraph Requests for information on any other registered offenders under age 17 must be evaluated to determine whether the requestor qualifies for information on additional offenses for offenders under age 17 as victims of or witnesses to the offense, public or private schools, child day care centers, family day care centers, businesses or organizations that primarily serve children, women, or vulnerable adults, or whether the offender, if age 11 or under, has a prior conviction or adjudication of delinquent.

Completing this evaluation requires the requestor to complete and furnish a written request on a specified form to the State Law Enforcement Division SLED or a sheriffs office. A copy of this form may be obtained online at www. Registered sex offenders are individuals who are convicted of committing sexually violent crimes or sexual crimes against minors.

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Although convicted sex offenders have been required to register with the sheriff's departments in their home counties for a number of years, this new legislation creates specific stipulations for those individuals who are members of a college or university community. Under the Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act, when convicted sex offenders register with a sheriff's office, they must also notify them if they are enrolled or employed at an institution of higher education. This information must then be shared with campus law enforcement. To view information on any subject listed, go to the South Carolina Sex Offender Registry listed below.

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The South Carolina Sex Offender Registry allows you to search the state registry for offenders by name, city, county or zip code. Aiken Technical College P.

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Furthermore, she said, he had multiple sclerosis diagnosed in and tests showed he had two lesions on his brain. Possibly as a cumulative consequence of all this, Schwartz-Watts said, Odom tested as having severe cognitive dysfunction, including decline in both short- and long-term memory and judgment. Odom had admitted engaging in cybersex since , she said, and having "emotional affairs.

She told the court she judged him unlikely to carry through on any Internet relationship. In asking for a sentence without actual jail time, Huff told McIntosh that Odom was already "paying an awful price. In addition, Huff said, Odom had been suspended from his law practice and his conviction would mean revocation of his law license. Odom had been trying to find jobs in construction, Huff said, but had difficulty finding work to support himself and his wife. Odom is drawing unemployment compensation.

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He's a shattered man. Huff informed McIntosh that he would be submitting a motion for a new trial. The jury twice during its deliberations Thursday afternoon and evening asked for clarifications on Mark Patterson's status as a police officer at the time of the May investigation.

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Aiken officers catch one of three wanted sex offenders

Using Westminster Police Department time sheets, Odom's defense team of Huff and Andy Johnston had raised the possibility that Patterson had not been on duty and therefore acting in an official capacity at the time of the May 6 chat. Huff had raised the issue many times in the week-long trial that the statute under which Odom was charged demands that the officer be acting in an official capacity.

The defense attorney had also questioned whether Patterson was covered by a bond at the time of the investigation, as is required for someone to serve as a peace officer in the state. Neither Westminster officials nor employees of the Oconee County courthouse could find records that Patterson had been bonded.

McIntosh, however, instructed the jurors when members submitted a question about Patterson's bonding that consideration of that issue was outside the scope of the outline of the law he had given them to consider. Odom was indicted in Oconee County in on the basis of the May investigation.

An early trial in Spartanburg County on similar charges ended in a mistrial after a hung jury.

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This blog is an Amazon affiliate. Help support Legal Profession Blog by making purchases through Amazon links on this site at no cost to you. Enter your email to subscribe:. All Posts. The South Carolina Supreme Court imposed a consent disbarment Respondent was convicted of one count of criminal solicitation of a minor and received a sentence of seven years' imprisonment, suspended to five years' probation. He has been suspended since Respondent requests his disbarment be imposed retroactively to May 17, , the date of his interim suspension. The Independent Mail reported on the verdict After five and a half hours Thursday night an Oconee County jury split its verdicts on a former Aiken County attorney charged with two counts of criminal solicitation of a minor.

The jurors returned their verdict about p.