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Be sure to vacuum along and beneath edges of carpets, along baseboards, underneath furniture and stored items, and inside closets and quiet areas where carpet beetles and clothes moths prefer to feed. Insecticides applied to infested rugs and carpets may be helpful as a supplement to good housekeeping. Sprays recommended for flea control see University of Kentucky Entomology Entfact , or with fabric insects listed on the label are effective.

Infested clothing or bedding should not be treated with insecticides. Detecting Infestations. Museums, rug-dealers, craft shops, furriers and taxidermists have much at stake in preventing carpet beetles and clothes moths. Museum collections, in particular, can be irreparably harmed by these pests making prevention a necessity.

Learn to Determine Carpet Quality

To minimize the risk, vulnerable items should be routinely monitored for signs of pest activity. Glue traps provisioned with or without an attractant lure are also useful for detecting infestations. The traps are often effective at revealing infestations in the early stages when the pests are hard to find by inspection alone. Baited or non-baited traps may be placed on shelves, inside closets, or wherever susceptible items occur.

In large storage or display areas, the devices can be installed in a grid pattern to help pinpoint infested materials, i. Since some varieties of fabric pests are attracted to a distinct odor, it is important to know which type of beetle or moth you have before ordering. Thermal Disinfestation. Insecticide sprays are often of limited use against carpet beetles, since the pests are often within materials where sprays cannot penetrate.

Risk of contamination and staining further negates their use on museum objects, clothing, etc. Such items can often be disinfested more effectively utilizing a household, chest, or walk-in freezer. In order to kill carpet beetles and clothes moths, infested items need to be held at minimum temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit for at least one week. Freezers capable of reaching minus 20 degrees F are able to kill all life stages within 72 hours. Before freezing, articles should be placed in plastic bags, or wrapped in polyethylene sheeting and sealed with tape.

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This prevents frost and ice from forming on objects during chilling, and condensation after removal. After freezing, objects should be allowed to return to room temperature for about 24 hours before being unwrapped or further handled. Some items become brittle at low temperatures, and this will help to reduce breakage. If in doubt, please consult your local cooperative extension service or regulatory agency.

Please note that content and photos in this publication are copyrighted material and may not be copied or downloaded without permission of the Department of Entomology, University of Kentucky. Carpet Beetles.

In other words, it would be like looking the rug in the mirror. Now, if the back is also plastic, this tells you that the top pile is made from a synthetic material when it should have been wool.

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So, you are looking at a rug made from polypropylene, acrylic, nylon or polyester. These materials have the exact same properties as PVC piping as they are all made from petroleum. You should know that petroleum products release VOCs volatile organic compounds into the environment they are in to, and it can never be a good thing.

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Regarding its lifespan, it will last anywhere from years. The plastic back is what holds the rug together. It is probably latex glue, and there is no doubt that it is not healthy to have such materials in the home and around you and your loved ones, especially if someone in the household has latex-related allergies. Flip the rug upside down. On authentic, handmade Oriental rugs you should see foundation threads usually blue, white or red, but could be different colours.

These foundation threads are usually referred to as weft threads and in handmade Oriental rugs they go horizontally with the rug fringes. It is common to find partial weft threads running horizontally along the rugs underside for only a few centimeters, and then disappear because of wool knots. Handmade Oriental rugs do not have perfectly straight horizontal weft threads because they are handmade and not machine made. Furthermore, on the back of the rug look at the colored knots for unevenness where a number of areas will appear a little thicker, this indicating that the rug is handmade and not machine made as well.

See the photo below on for a visual of a handmade rug and a machine-made imitation. Oriental rugs are dyed with natural vegetable dyes. Makes sense, as when people first started hand knotting rugs many centuries ago, there were no chemical dyes available. It should also be colorfast so that the rug can last for many decades.

Turkmen rug

Take a damp cloth and leave it on the rug all night through. Of course, this includes you are allowed a hour consignment period by the rug dealer, or you got yourself a money-back guarantee. If you are not offered any of those two, pack your bags and leave. If you or a friend knows a great carpet installer, use that person instead of one provided by the carpet dealer. The installer will measure your house, tell you exactly how much carpet and pad to get, recommend a quality dealer, and pick up the carpet and deliver it on installation day.

You can save yourself some money on the installation by removing the old carpet and pad yourself. Get at least three estimates before settling on the types of carpet that will work best for you. Get an individual price quote for each aspect of the job, including carpet, pad, delivery, installation, transition metal pieces, furniture moving, stairs, and old carpet and pad removal and disposal.

Identifying Antique Persian Rugs : Rug Education

Also consider the desired life span, maintenance requirements, and the looks and price of the carpet. Get every item in your carpet bid priced individually. This will make it easier to compare bids. The quality of carpet pad is determined by density, not thickness. The right pad will extend the life of your carpet.

What is a carpet or rug?

The wrong pad can cut the life of your carpet in half. In most cases, cheap, low-density pad will only last a few years before it needs to be replaced. For high-traffic areas, get a thinner pad with a density of 8 lbs. Some carpet manufacturers require a specific type of pad in order to maintain your carpet warranty such as when the carpet is laid over heated floors. Check the carpet warranty before you buy padding. Visit several retailers, including local, family-owned businesses that survive on customer referrals.

Choose the one that will give you the best service, price and guarantee. Carpet retailers located in a mall or other high-rent locations tend to have higher overhead that is passed on to you in higher prices.

Carpet Quality Matters: Ways to Evaluate Carpet Quality

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Tweet this. Next Project. Our latest shed is also a pavilion—and you can build it, too! Courtesy of Stainmaster. To buy the best carpet for your home, learn about different styles, materials and quality to ensure durability and comfort for your long-term satisfaction. Photo 1: Nylon Most durable. Photo 2: Triexta Excellent stain resistance.

Photo 3: Polyester Soft and luxurious.