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Consent searches are searches that are made by law enforcement agents based on consent of the person whose property they wish to search. Consent searches are the most common form of warrantless searches. A search warrant or probable cause is not necessary if consent is given by someone with proper authority. In order to conduct a consent search, the person whose property is being searched must voluntarily waive his or her Fourth Amendment rights.

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In most cases, the person may refuse to give consent; however, the law enforcement agent does not have to tell the person that consent is voluntary. Should any of the evidence obtained result in a criminal trial, the prosecution must prove that the consent search was entirely voluntary and the person granting consent was not coerced. The courts have decided that the person who conducts a consent search does not have to identify himself or herself as a law enforcement agent, and that the person who grants consent does not have to be the person who is charged with the crime.

In cases such as Hoffa v.

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United States, the courts have ruled that if an undercover office finds evidence based on a consent search, the evidence may be used in the criminal case. Third parties may give consent in limited cases. The person granting consent must have common authority over the premises in order for the search to be valid.

Generally, under the following circumstances:.

Automobiles may be stopped if an officer possesses a reasonable and articulable suspicion that the motorist has violated a traffic law. If the reason for the stop is a minor traffic offense like speeding, the officer likely wouldn't be permitted to search your car without more reason. However, if police arrest you for conduct arising out of a traffic stop, a search of your vehicle incident to arrest will usually be allowed.

If the police have towed and impounded your car, they have the authority to search your vehicle.

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This inventory search can be as comprehensive as the police wish, and will most likely include opening any locked compartments or boxes found within your car. The reason why your car was towed and impounded doesn't matter.

It could be for something as simple as a parking violation or as serious as a car theft. However, police cannot tow and impound your car for the sole purpose of conducting a search.

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Police are required to follow strict procedures when it comes to these types of searches. If you've seen enough episodes of Cops , you might think that police can search your vehicle anywhere and anytime.

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That's not the case, and if your vehicle is unlawfully searched, it could prevent a prosecutor from using any evidence obtained from that search against you. Reach out to an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help you to challenge any illegally obtained evidence and to present your strongest defense at trial. Find your Lawyer Explore Resources For Learn About the Law. Legal Forms.

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