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Box N Nassau, N. If the birth or marriage took place outside of the countries listed above, please contact the relevant civil registrar authorities for that country.

How do I apply by mail?

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  6. These consist of a shortened form extraction of the information recorded on original long form birth registration records. She argues, in the event that an error was made the Registrar General only had the authority to add a notation on the birth registration, nothing more.

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    People have shared their stories of ordering their certified copy of birth registration records. One person explained that they filled out the application form, sending it away to The Office of the Registrar General located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, where weeks later the document finally arrived in the mail. Further, upon closer inspection there was something that seemed odd in that the lines and the section numbers on the form was misaligned, where parts of the lines were also inconsistently masked or created.

    Suspicious at what they were looking at and desiring to know who their father was, they contacted the Office of the Registrar General insisting that they see their original birth registration record, rather than the certified original copy that they paid for.

    In the Office of the Registrar General set up an appointment where this impassioned person travelled to the Toronto office. In actual fact, their birth certificate was tampered with twice: First, at their birth when the white piece of paper was glued on top of the section dedicated for father information of the birth registration from; and second, when a blank section of a birth registration form was used thereby masking the first tampering when they originally ordered their certified copy.

    Karen Lynn, president of the Canadian Council of Natural Mothers, argues this practice of removing and masking information has caused much heartache to both the children of adoption and the mothers and fathers who surrendered their children for adoption so the children could have better lives. Mothers too are outraged when they learn that this important document that they filled out and signed in good faith was altered without their permission.

    Online Certificate Application

    Passport website also says I can use it to get baby a passport. Should I be concerned though? Did anyone encounter problems because they got the "Certified copy" option? Just a quick update.


    Finally received the birth certificate with parental info and SIN odd So in all, it was pretty much 16 weeks! I completed the bundle registration all the way back on September Trying to fill out my kid's passport form now and a little confused.

    There's a section for the Birth Certificate Registration number. I have a Certified Copy of Birth Registration The red printed numbers beside the Certificate number: "Pxxxxxxx". There's a line that says "Registration Number" but no number immediately following it.