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Thankfully, BossLogic's work is on point as always. You may notice that the name in the poster is actual Lucas Lee, which is Chris Evan's character from Scott Pilgrim vs. Also an actor, though a bit more smoldering and cocky than Evans in real life, it appears that Lee, not Evans, is actually a better match for the Machoman. The Iron Sheik might be a little too old to jump into the ring again and Chris Evans probably isn't going to really play the Macho Man, which means that there is going to be a lot of epic roles to fill in the Hulk Hogan Biopic.

It's not clear how far the movie will go into the Hulkster's early days , but the WWF is what made him a star, along with the supporting WWE wrestlers who were also gigantic rock stars at the time. Sure, the movie is going to be focused on Hogan, but we're going to need to see some of the iconic WWF fighters.

Chris Hemsworth Goes Full Hulkamania in Hulk Hogan Fan Art, Brother

Jake Gyllenhaal was on the show and the host pulled out a picture that the graphic artist had doctored of Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, and Gyllenhaal. The graphic artist's career has been building for a while now, but it's great to see him getting the mainstream recognition that he deserves. Other than Chris Hemsworth, the Hulk Hogan movie doesn't have any other names attached at this time. Hogan frequently bounces checks not enough money in his account, illegal for his divorce. An alimony is to provide financial support to one's spouse after being divorced, so he often bounces his checks.

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Hogan is telling Kim to fight him, or "come on"; Hogan refers to his fans as "Hulksters". Hogan says he's going to hang Kim by the ropes like people do with puppets in puppet shows, or the ropes on the wrestling rings.

Kim is the antagonist in the film. There is a rumor that North Korean diplomats tried unsuccessfully to get the movie banned or even pulled from worldwide release.

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A choke hold is a wrestling move, and Hogan will use it to keep Kim hostage like he did to the journalist. A leg drop is a move where a wrestler knocks their opponent down in the middle of the mat, runs at full speed into the ropes, bounces off them, then uses the momentum to throw themselves in the air, landing with their leg landing across the opponent's neck or upper body. Ironically, the move is designed to injure an opponent and prevent them from moving, allowing for the pinfall, though Hogan here claims the move would give Kim so much momentum he would be knocked all the way "back" to Beijing, which Hogan mistakes for a North Korean city, since the stereotype is that most Asians come from China.

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The leg drop is Hogan's finishing move, and therefore is considered the most devastating wrestling move Hogan could deploy against Kim. This makes Hogan's apparent lack of understanding of how the move works additionally ironic. Kim corrects Hogan on his previous line, saying that he doesn't come from China.

Fans Are Pissed At WWE For Adding Hulk Hogan To Their Already Controversial Saudi Arabia Event

It is a stereotype that blond women are stupid, so Kim is calling Hulk both stupid and effeminate. Kim's family believes that its members are gods ruling over the people of North Korea. At the time of the video, Kim Jong-il was the dictator of North Korea. He says he'll show him around to get his act together.

Kim disses on Hulk's manhood and sex life. He's saying that Hogan's wife is cheating on him with his opponent. Also, Asian men are stereotyped as having small penises; Jong-il is saying that Hulk's is even smaller than his, possibly from the steroids he took. Hulk Hogan goes down! I don't know if he can finish the battle! He's reaching for the ropes!

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It's…it's…Macho Man Randy Savage! In tag team wrestling, when one wrestler is too badly hurt or worn down to effectively continue to wrestle, he can tag in his tag partner if he can reach his own corner. At that point, the other team can't beat the first wrestler even if they pin him, and the fresh wrestler is free to continue the match. Savage match at Wrestlemania V.

HULK HOGAN - Before They Were Famous - BROTHER !!!

He's saying that the battle is about to get serious. Kim Jong-il wears glasses and Macho Man says that it would be unfair to punch such a small weakling. Dictators like him are also usually smaller than most people, such as Hitler or Napoleon. Kim was also very short, almost midget-like. Even though Macho Man prefers not to hit little people, he'll do it anyways if someone like Kim tries to show him up. Under his rule, a famine occurred in North Korea, resulting in 3. Kim supplied his people with one meal a day, which was one reason he was typically viewed as a bad leader.

The elbow drop was a wrestling move that Randy Savage used to finish the match.

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He claims he'll do it on all of Kim Jong-il's nation. This lyric is what developed into the lyric, "Punk, I'll elbow drop your whole nation! This lyric is what developed into the lyric, "On behalf of the entire World Wrestling Federation!