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Craigslist is the best source for cars in your area, Holthoff and Scroggs say. The search filter on iSeeCars customizes results to match your budget and tastes, Ly says.

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His site compares the asking price to the average price of other sellers. Begin by searching for Japanese cars, because they have the highest J. Power satisfaction ratings, Ly recommends.

Instead, look for second-tier Japanese brands such as Mazda, Nissan or Mitsubishi. Scroggs says his auction experience has shown him you could snag a Ford Focus, a model that has a strong history of reliability, for less money than Japanese cars. Auto enthusiasts then comment on the listings, sharing their expert knowledge of the cars for sale. Steer clear of European cars because of the high cost of maintenance and repairs, Scroggs advises. Avoid cars with salvage titles, which are those that have been in a serious accident, flood or fire.

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Add in hybrids and the number gets more impressive. But they should encourage those eager to see the US move toward a cleaner way of getting around town, because the pre-owned space is where cars really move off the lot.

In , Americans bought A significant increase in used EV sales indicates not just that more people want to go electric, but that, nearly a decade after the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt first went on sale, battery-powered rides have been around long enough, and become popular enough, to become affordable and widely available to secondhand drivers. And while those cars offer ranges around or below miles the Leaf reaches over , that limitation stops their owners from racking up serious mileage.

Federal and state tax credits also help on the pricing front. The steady growth of new electric sales helps, of course, by increasing the supply reaching the used marketplace. That will only continue to climb as automakers like Ford, GM, and Volkswagen promise to deliver dozens of new battery-powered models in the next few years.

Curiosity is on the rise, says Joe Wiesenfelder, executive editor at online car marketplace Cars.