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The quickest way is to call and follow the automated instructions. Once connected to a representative and your identification is verified, they will help you delete the duplicate listing.

Step 1:Get To Yellow Pages listing Form

The entire removal process can take anywhere from an hour to 24 hours. Now you can update your business profile with the exact information you want to share with your customers.

Incorrect information can affect your local SEO , and can even cause database aggregators to create listings on other directory sites with the wrong information. This prevents other people not in your organization from making changes to your info. To verify, login to your Yellow Pages account.

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Donnelley started The Chicago Directory Company by partnering with the local telephone company to publish a list of customers located in the greater Chicago metropolitan area. When Donnelley expanded the company in to include markets such as New York, Wisconsin and suburban Cincinnati, an industry was born.

However, in an age driven by Google, Bing and Yahoo searches, how much value do companies such as Dex and other yellow page firms have to offer local businesses looking to attract new customers? Whether online or print, the value of a yellow pages listing remains the same as it always has — to attract local business. The question now becomes, do enough consumers still use their local yellow pages to warrant spending valuable advertising resources on a listing?

Starting with your Yellow pages directory

This question takes on even greater significance when dealing with a limited online advertising budget that can only support promotion through one or two mediums. While Dex and other yellow page companies offer a variety of online services, such as search engine optimization SEO of existing websites, web and mobile site construction, and reputation management, the driving force behind these types of companies remains directory listings of local businesses. For a monthly fee, businesses will receive an ad in the local listings for their particular business or industry.

Potential advertisers

Standard packages offer a company profile, website link, map of your location, and most importantly, placement above basic and free listings. More expensive monthly packages offer a few more perks, but the number one selling point is that businesses receive an even higher listing than those paying for a lesser package.

Ultimately, the more you pay, the higher your business will rank in a listing among the competition in your industry.

So what are the selling points for paying for a premium spot in an online local yellow page listing? According to the Local Search Association, a trade organization that represents online and print directory listings, interaction and action remains competitively high for consumers using Internet yellow pages. Approximately 79 percent of Internet yellow page searches resulted in a same-day contact of a business found through a directory listing.

Consumers who use a yellow page directory also seem ready to make a purchase, as 65 percent of searches that resulted in a sale came the same day as the search, according to the LSA. Online yellow page directories, such as DexKnows.

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A high placement in a local directory should conceivably place your business in front of a lot of motivated consumers ready to buy or take action. When viewed from this perspective, paying for a listing with a company like Dex or SuperPages makes a lot of sense when it comes to maximizing a return on investment for your marketing dollars. But while these numbers look competitive today, search and market trends suggest the future is less bright for online yellow page marketers.

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Another way to view yellow page directories is like a shortcut around what it takes to organically rank at the top of a Google search.